Kenyan Union: We may not travel to face Egypt .. The solution in the hands of our government

Kenyan Football Association (KFF) president Nick Mundwa has confirmed that his team may not be able to travel to Egypt to play their first African Nations Cup 2021 qualifier.

Mondo said in remarks at a news conference, quoted by the African site Assomic, that the Kenyan Union does not have the financial resources to pay its debts, as well as travel to Egypt.

"We really do not have the financial resources, we are scattered and I do not see any hope of a good camp before the next two games," said the president of the Kenyan federation.

He continued: "We have done everything we have to solve the debt problem, but if the government says it does not have money above it we will be ready to deal with FIFA sanctions, we can not do anything else."

FIFA has threatened to freeze and suspend Kenya in an official letter a few days ago. (See reasons here)

"We have already asked the government to finance our move to Cairo on November 9th. If we do not receive the funds by November 5 or 6 at the latest, we will not go to Egypt," Mundwa said.

"I tell the Kenyans that we do not know what is happening, we do not know why all this is happening, and we have no choice. I just hope the government will resolve the crisis as soon as possible."